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Direct Primary Care for Insurance Brokers

CHP Mobile Primary & Acute Care Health Program is a new product to offer employers.

CHP Mobile Primary & Acute Care Health Program involves the insurance brokers at a high level while most Concierge and Direct Primary Care plans exclude brokers and operate completely outside of the employer insurance plans.

This product can be offered as a compliment to current group plans (high deductible or HSA) or a stand-alone product for employers.

Additional features of this plan include: 

  • Commission is added into the monthly cost for plan.
  • CHP bills the employer directly for the program cost and broker commission, and payment is issued to the broker monthly by CHP.
  • The ability to offer a new product to clients that can lower their cost, but increase coverage available for employees.
  • Great for those companies that cannot afford the “platinum tiered” coverage costs and small businesses that have no affordable healthcare options for their employees.

Be a part of the cutting edge in the future of healthcare delivery options.

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