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Physical Exams

A physical exam is a yearly (or more frequently if required) visit with your provider to make sure that your overall health is stable and that you don’t have underlying medical problems that you are unaware of. Even healthy adults are recommended to have an annual physical, those who have a complex medical history, or even those who just want to feel assured of their health can benefit from this type of exam and prevent future health problems or exacerbations. Below are some of the main goals of an annual physical: 

  • As primary prevention
  • To identify risk factors for common chronic diseases
  • To detect a disease that has little to no apparent symptom
  • As a means for the provider to counsel patients to promote healthy habits
  • To update clinical data
  • To review vaccinations
  • To review medications and/or review medication recommendations
  • To enhance relationship between you and your provider

Welcome to Medicare Preventive Visit

The Welcome to Medicare preventive visit is a one-time appointment you can choose to receive when you are new to Medicare. The aim of the visit is to promote general health and help prevent diseases.
During the course of your Welcome to Medicare preventive visit, your provider should:

  • Check your height, weight, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), and vision
  • Review your medical and social history
    Review your potential for depression and other mental health conditions
  • Review your ability to function safely in the home and community
  • Provide you with education, counseling, and referrals related to your risk factors and other health needs
  • Give you a checklist and/or written plan with information about other preventive services you may need

The Welcome to Medicare preventive visit is not a head-to-toe physical. This visit is also separate from the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV), which you can choose to receive annually.

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