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What To Expect from Your Primary Home Care Visit

Patients and caregivers have peace of mind and take comfort in knowing that quality healthcare at home is just a phone call away. Care ranges from treating minor aliments to serious, chronic illnesses including:

  • Initial visit to establish care
  • Convenient follow-up visits
  • Quality care
  • Communication among providers
  • Visits as needed in care facilities
  • Post facility or hospital care
  • Wellness and preventative care
  • Medication management
  • Acute illness and injury care
  • Chronic condition management
  • Patient education 

What is Primary Care at Home?

Our team of providers are bringing back the practice of visiting patients in their homes.

There are several reasons house calls make sense for patients. For one thing, it might provide an older patient the opportunity to remain self-sufficient. An elderly person living at home can thrive in a way someone in a nursing home may not. Having a physician come to the house is a cost-effective way to manage the health of someone who might otherwise make an emergency room visit or have to be hospitalized.

Visiting a patient at home offers other advantages, as well. It allows our provider to get a sense of how the patient is doing in their home environment. At home, the doctor can learn about the person’s lifestyle, eating habit and ability to live independently.

If you or a loved one need a primary care doctor to come to you, our physician assistants and nurse practitioners can provide quality medical care such as physical examinations, regularly scheduled visits, prescription refills, diagnostic tests, and more in the comfort of your home.

Getting primary care services at home can be used for issues such as minor burns and cuts, conjunctivitis, back strains, rashes, flu, and urinary tract infections. House call providers can also help people manage chronic conditions like high blood pressure and provide preventive care.

Our providers are fully equipped to care for any issue typically seen in a doctor's office. The provider that comes to your home is there to care for you – to treat the issues you have and to answer any questions that may arise. They will work with you and your loved ones to develop a treatment plan designed for you. We are also able to coordinate care between nursing agencies, home health services, and can partner your existing doctor to meet your healthcare needs.

Learn More About The

Primary Home Care Services We Provide

From preventative care and prescriptions to chronic disease management and more, our providers are here to help.